BORN: 12/16/09
AM CH Devonshires Limited Edition, WC Timberland Woodsman At Lor-Al Lor-Als Direct Deposit, WC CGC
Crossfire the Tempest at Timberland
AM CH Devonshires Abby Lane AM CH Dickendall Davaron Gable
By Jove Millicent Fenwick
AM CH Belquest Very Impressionable BISS AM CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive AM CH Windfall's Pipe Major
AM CH Janrod Tammy Whynot
AM CH Caerbren Water Lilly WC JH BISS AM CH Borador's By George, CGC
AM CH Allegheny's Crystal JH



6/26/10 RWD  6-9 Virginia Kennel Club Judge Dr .Robert D. Smith

6/27/10 1st 6-9 Virginia Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Connie S. Clapp,

7/10/10  RWD 6-9 Upper Marlboro Kennel Club Judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard

7/11/10 1st Puppy Group RWD National Capital Kennel Club Judge  Dr. Bob G. Smith
7/17/10 WD 6-9 Shawnee Kennel Club Judge Terry Stacy Puppy

7/18/10 RWD 6-9 Shawnee Kennel Club Judge Don L. Evans
8/04/10 1st 6-9 James River Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Robert D. Smith

8/05/10 1st 6-9 James River Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth

8/06/10 1st 6-9 Roanoke Kennel Club Judge Donald M. Booxbaum

8/07/10 RWD 6-9 Roanoke Kennel Club Judge Kenneth A. Buxton
8/08/10 1st 6-9 New River Valley Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus

8/18/10 1st 6-9 Danville Kennel Club Judge Charles L. Olvis
8/19/10 1st Puppy Group  Danville Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Thora P. Brown

8/20/10 1st Puppy Group RDW Greater Hickory Kennel Club Judge, Arley D. Hussin

8/21/10 2nd Puppy Group Carolina Kennel Club Judge Ms. Marjorie Martorella Puppy

8/22/10 BOW,WD Carolina Kennel Club Judge Dr. Alvin W. Krause

9/02/10 BOW,WD Cary Kennel Club Judge Terry Stacy Puppy, 6

9/03/10 BOW,WD Alamance Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath
9/04/10 RWD 6-9 Durham Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Janet Narushka Puppy

9/05/10 1st 6-9 Salisbury North Carolina Kennel Club Judge Dr. John A. Reeve-Newson

9/06/10 WD Raleigh Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna

10/1/10 RWD 9-12 Warrenton Kennel Club Judge Joy S.Brewster

10/2/10 BOW WD 9-12 Warrenton Kennel Club Judge Ms. Carol S. Brown

10/29/10 1st 9-12 LRC of the Potomac Judge Debra McKinley (Fantasy Labradors)

10/29/10 1st 9-12 Sweepstakes LRC of the Potomac Judge Alfredo fVallejo (Alvalley Labradors)

10/30/10 1st 9-12 Middleburg KC- LRC of the Potomac Supported Entry- Judge Judy Heim (Hyspire Labradors)

10/30/10 1st 9-12 Sweepstakes Middleburg KC- LRC of the Potomac Supported Entry- Judge Camila Adams (Camelot's Labradors)

12/10/2010 WD, BOW Greater Hickory Kennel Club Judge Mrs. Marilyn C. Spacht 3 pts.

4/2/2011 WD, BOW Greater Monroe KC, Judge Ms. Cheryl F. Steinmetz