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To the folks at Belquest: I took my dog, Clancy, to the Mt. Airy Dog Park today, and to my delight noticed that we had the long-awaited benches at last! I noticed your name on one of them as one of the sponsors and contributors, and I just wanted to write a note to say thank you. I worked with the Town of Mount Airy, doing some of the research for the Parks Board in order to get our first ever dog park. Again, thanks so much for sponsoring one of the much needed benches for our park!


Testimonials about our boarding/grooming/training services

"...I want to thank everyone for always taking such great care of McCloud. He always enjoyed his visits and "vacations" and the grooming was so well-done and Tammy always groomed him with such love. If/when we get another dog, I'm sure we'll be back..."

-Kathryn G

"My name is Stacey T, and my husband and I used your kennel on a number of occasions while our chocolate Lab, Murphy, was still with us. We were always very pleased with the treatment Murphy received under your care." 

-Stacey T

I wanted to send an email to let you know Tino seemed to enjoy his stay. Usually he comes back from the kennel a little out of sorts. This time was different. It was like he came home his normal self. We also got him groomed before he came home, boy does he look adorable! We will bring him back for his next grooming. Thanks for making his stay great.


Vicky & Staff, 

Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Monty while I was away for a few days. It was his first time away from home and needless to say I had some concerns about leaving him.  I understand from the staff that he did great and as usual he looked beautiful after being groomed before coming home.  Monty and I look forward to our next visit to Belquest.   

Thank you again. 

The cut you did on Reilly was 'over the top'. I came with a check yesterday already cut, passing along a $10 tip, but that just wasn't enough! Thanks again so much and we'll be back!


Just a short note to say "Thank You". Asta and Mandy stayed with you for a week and when we picked them up they looked GREAT! I appreciate your wonderful treatment of my kids. They are back to their routine at home and act like they never went on a vacation. I would not hesitate to recommend your kennel!

Thanks again-

Thank you for the follow-up call about Guerric's most recent stay. I always feel extremely comfortable leaving him at Belquest. This started a long time ago when we first moved here from England, we had another German Shepherd called Remus, who had been suffering with Lupus for a number of years and was taking medication for his condition. We had to leave him the kennel for a number of months while we could find a place to live that would take large dogs while our house was being built. He had experienced 6 months of quarantine when we moved to England, so I was worried about his lengthy stay at Belquest. I should have not worried...I remember the day we picked him up after about 3 months in the kennel, and he looked very happy and well. Sadly, Remus died just over a year later, but I had said then, if we ever get another dog, I would only put him in Belquest Kennels.
So, I am glad we found Belquest Kennels on the internet, while we was in the UK many years ago!
Thanks for taking great care of Guerric.


Just a quick note of thanks. Will was not so "traumatized" as he seemed to be after the other kennel stay we did for him (different kennel). And the grooming was top notch! Never saw him look better. We WILL be back.


" I will be coming next Tuesday. Did great at the West Friendship shows. JJ got two 4 point majors and took breed one day from the puppy classes. With his 5 point major last week he only needs 2 points to finish. Katie took two 4 point majors and Best of Winners 2 days. Katie never dropped her tail and looked happy in the ring. Thanks for all the hard work you have done with my puppies. When I started classes I could not get JJ to walk on the lead."

- Pat

"Thanks to all for taking care of Anabelle awhen she recently boarded there. Grooming was wonderful!  We appreciate your services."


" Thanks so much for doing a great job with Hudson's tattoo last week!  He was his usual self as soon as he jumped off the table and he has been registered nationally and with the license folks at Howard County.

I was very impressed with what you have going on at the kennels.  Also appreciated your website and the prompt scheduling and responses."

Best Regards, Victoria


About our puppies

"Our new pup, Hudson, is an absolute delight! He has been sleeping through the night since we got him (on July 3), has not had one single accident in the house and could not have a sweeter disposition. I cannot thank you enough for picking him for us. He is by far the easiest pup I've ever raised!"

- Georjean

What a WONDERFUL person your breeding specialist is. You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful employee at your kennel. She has been amazing through this entire breeding process...

She went out of her way to be sure everything on her end was going correctly. Here are a few things she did above and beyond her duties….she emailed me from her home, she called me from her home and gave me her cell phone number to contact her during her day off due to an appointment she had just to let her know the shipment arrived and the sperm was wonderful...

Again I just want you to know what a wonderful person and what a wonderful experience I had with your breeding specialist.

Also every time I had to call your kennel to speak to your breeding specialist a young girl that answers the phone is always so very pleasant!! 

Keep up the good work…..

Mill Stream Labradors

I am Corina, my husband and I purchased a beautiful, Chocolate Lab from you in early 2006. He is a stunningly beautiful Labrador. He looks regal and handsome. He is the best dog ever! We love him so much. Thank you for providing our family such a wonderful dog.

Corina and David and Gus

...He has grown alot and we LOVE him! Everywhere we go we get stopped and told how absolutely beautiful and unique he is! Thank you for such a great dog, we love him so much!

He is the cutest dog ever! People are in love with at first sight, he's famous! Anyhow , doing well, got his last shot today! He is now 37 pounds! He's been the best therapy for me and we're so thrilled to have him part of our family! Thanks!

-Lisa and Family

"Hi Vicky! Lisa Brown here owner of Bruno apple of my eye! He is my baby man and I love him sooo! Belquest Labs are the best!!"

-Lisa Brown

"Hi! Just a quick note to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Tamu has been on a diet recently in preparation for being thoroughly spoiled over his first Christmas and his first Birthday, shortly thereafter! He’s growing into an extremely happy, well tempered boy and has no idea that he himself is indeed the real present over these Holiday celebrations. Thank you all for the cheer he has brought to our home."

"Every day with Tamu becomes a wonderful new adventure, with his incredible disposition and his “off the chart” intelligence."


" Simon is AWESOME!!!! :)...He is such a good dog. He has the best temperament and personality!"


"Rosie is turning 11 months next week and she has been a complete delight. Her temperament, size and color are perfect. She has been a great additional to our family. Thank you so much!"


"You have great dogs…..and we have never stopped letting people know…….you only get what you pay for…..if you want a great dog….go to Belquest."


"My daughter and I purchased one of your female chocolate lab puppies about two months ago and we thought we would write and give u an update. She is wonderful!!!!! Mocha is extremely smart and couldn't be any sweeter! She attends puppy classes and loves the interaction with other people and other dogs. Thank you so much! She is just what we wanted, and our 11 year old black lab loves her too! Thanks again!"


"The Simonator is still doing awesome :) My wife has limited how many times I can say "I love that dog" throughout the day! Ethan is awesome, he is our trainer on Saturdays and has some really, really great insight about how to teach the humans to setup the dog for success. We really like him."


'Here's my 'little guy' Guinness at three years old. Could not be happier with the way he turned out...exactly as you described. Wish I could handle a few more.... Thanks again.'


"It was a pleasure to work with you and Belquest and look forward to working with you in the future."


"I wanted to forward a few pictures of Mocha and let Belquest know that she is doing great! She is the sweetest puppy ever! Thank you!"

"Thank you for the sweetest puppy ever!!!! She is absolutely adorable!!!"


"Wanted to pass along the latest photo of Hudson. He is now north of 55 lbs and just over 6 months old. He is amazing in every way. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy!"

-Matt and Gina

"Before I got Calvin I had gone to 7 different breeders and am so happy I found you. By the way he is now 12.2 years old and still brings me joy every day and I thank you for him and the other lab I got from you."


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Brandy. She is a wonderful puppy with the most amazing temperament. Our children are so excited to have her and we wanted to thank you for working with us."

- Frank

"I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Tucker. He did very well on the 2 hour drive home to New Jersey. He loves his new human brothers too! I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. I know it’s only been 2 days, but he’s such a good little boy. He slept through the night last night and goes in his crate on his own to take a nap Thanks again for bringing such a wonderful puppy into our lives. We’re glad to be a part of the Belquest Family."


"We are soooooo happy with her, she has grown to become an absolutely stunning dog, she's the "sexy blonde" in our neighborhood. Wherever we go people compliment her and ask where we got her, I've been giving out the info for Belquest left and right! And she is so good, a really smart, loving dog, we couldn't be happier... We are really so grateful to have such a wonderful dog. All the best and happy new year!

-Muriel Silva & Daniel Lawrence

"I can’t say enough about our experience with them (Belquest) and how wonderful my Baxter boy is. He’s six years old and I have never had any major health or temperament issues with him. I truly believe you get what you pay for there and they are of good stock. Just his temperament alone is phenomenal. We’d love for you all to meet him sometime if you are up for it. I have been meaning to take Baxter back there to show him off. I sent a photo of him to one of the ladies there and she said the owner Vicki Creamer would have been mad that she didn’t keep him to show that he was so handsome. I am biased, but I think he’s so handsome! Baxter’s mother was “Wren” a black lab and then his dad was “Snoopy” and his grandfather was “Nike” ... I felt a little weird putting $500 down on a dog that I hadn’t met but it all made sense once I got there and I fell in love!"

-Baxter's Parents

"I thought we should give you an update on Scout, our yellow labrador female we got from you in case you track your dogs for health and breeding purposes. I am going to try not to be overly sentimental, but she has always been - and continues to be - a superb dog. She stayed fairly small (less than 60 pounds) her entire life, has always been sweet and affectionate in disposition, and never once in her 15 years did she show any aggressiveness at all. She was easily trained, and always very nurturing and protective of our two kids. Her eyesight and hearing started to fade about a year or so ago, and are now diminished, though her sense of smell is as sharp today as the day we picked her up. We no longer take long walks like we used to, because her hips are getting creaky and some days are better than others, but she still wags her tail to go out. I probably should have sent you an update before this, since you are probably many generations past her litter now. I'm not sure how much more time we have, but it has been a great 15 years!"

-Regards, Karl and Margaret Ehlers

"Daffodil has been a wonderful puppy so far. She slept the entire ride home, and still hasn't had an accident in her crate. She settled right into our home like she's always been here. I just got back from the vet and they were very impressed. We couldn't ask for a better puppy. Thanks for everything."


"The pup and I made it home safely. She is very spoiled and wants to be a lap dog. :) I really love her head and she seems very smart. She learned how to find the pool steps on the first try. Tucker likes to swim laps each evening in the pool and she just followed him. Thank you again."


"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we are enjoying our new puppy so much! Monica asked us to let her know what we chose for her name - if you could pass along to her that we decided on "Luna". Anyway, we are enjoying Luna so much! She is such a good puppy, and she is pretty laid back. She has adjusted to our home very, very well and is catching on to potty training and her crate very quickly. She seems to be a very smart puppy! We are in love and I think our older chocolate lab is too (even though she won't quite admit it yet! :) ) Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how well little Luna is doing with us. Thanks again! :)"


"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great my black labrador is and to share a recent picture of her. This is Raven retrieving her training buoy in the Bay down in Ocean City. You knew Raven as Imp when she was there. She was 9 months when I got her from you last October and she's over a 18 months now. She has been such a wonderful dog. I can't brag about her enough. Her disposition is amazing. So many people comment on her when I have her out for walks or playing. Even the vet comments about her temperament and how loving she is. I always let them know about Belquest and recommend that if they are interested in a lab they should go to Belquest. I'm so grateful to have Raven in my life. I waited a long time to get a dog and I found the perfect one for me.

Thank you for being such a knowledgeable and conscientious breeder. It is amazing how many "breeders" there are out there who don't even know what the breed standards are for labs. It is great to know that you do and are concerned with quality and maintaining the standards of the breed."

- Kimberleigh

"13 years ago I was lucky to get an Aaron male puppy from Belquest. For 13 years I have had the best black lab I could have ever hoped for. I am looking to plan for my next lab and I am looking to find one that has the same type of features and wonderful temperament that my first Belquest dog has."


"Hi Vicky, 

I wanted to tell you that Ethan is a wonderful trainer!  Our Oren (and myself) are coming along just fine in Basic Training class.  Brian and I are thankful we decided on Belquest for our training and grooming needs (love our Tammy too!).   

Also, I’m on the Development Committee for Frederick County Humane Society.  Helping run charity events and raising monies in these tough times for animal welfare in Frederick County.  I am hoping you would allow me to place a donation canister at Belquests’ front desk.  I would make a week ly stop to check and pull any donations, getting them back into FCHS’ account.  Your receptionist mentioned after class last week that I would nAfter class last Saturday I checked with your receptionist, she said I would need to OK it with management prior to leaving one up front. 

Thanks Vicky for your consideration. Hope to hear from you soon!"

-Susie Costantino

"Good Morning Vicky and Nancy,

Thank you for arranging to have the Health Clinic at your facility. I appreciated having the opportunity to get Jackson’s eyes and heart checked (and was thrilled the results were good). If you maintain a mailing list for future health clinics, I would gr eatly appreciate being on your mailing list.

Take care and have a terrific day."



Looking forward to our 4th Belquest Lab over the last 20+ years. Thanks for all. We are scheduled to come for the initial visit the 5th of November at 1PM. Let me know if any changes, otherwise we will be there at that time."

Best regards,


"Just a short note to tell you how much I love this dog and what a great joy he brings to everyone he meets. As a registered Therapy Dog with the Delta Society, he loves visiting the Veterans Hospitals (Miami and West Palm Beach) as well as the Fisher Houses associated with each hospital. He has the kindest disposition and the most gentle ways. As a widow, I've had to make many decisions over the past 20 years, but the best one ever was coming to Belquest to find my best friend and I thank you for your breeding program and the wonderful dogs you produce. Warm regards from Ryder and Rebecca in Sunny South Florida."

- Rebecca

"Hello, My name is Herb Boardman and I purchased a lab pup from you back in 2001. He has been the best dog I have ever owned and was my best friend. My wife got him for me when I had to retired and he has never left my side until I had to do the unthinkable and have him put to rest. I am at a loss with not having him around and keep getting up at night looking for him. I know that a new dog will never replace my Chase, but I do know how much of a comfort it was to have him around me. We do have another dog in the our home and he is also great and I love him too, but it was something about Chase, and I attribute this to to kennel and how he was breed that made him so special. Everyone loved him. Even people that didn't like dogs loved Chase. It was his well behaved manor and his calmness that won everyone over. So,I would like to know what liters you have available or that are going to become available in the near future so that I may be able to pick a new pup from. I can't tell you how much I loved that Chase and I have always said I will never have another one like him. I feel that your pups are the top of the line and anyone them will be close to what I had before in Chase. Thank you."


"I just wanted to send you a picture of our pup Kacie at one year old. She joined our family last Valentine's Day. Kacie was the last little one to get adopted from Lyla's and Espresso's litter. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Kacie has an older "brother" a 3 year old black lab we adopted from Carol Heidl. Her and Tucker keep each other company through lots of play and companionship. This past summer Kacie went swimming in the ocean for the first time in the Outer Banks. She loved it- definitely a water dog. But than again aren't all labs? Kacie is truly developing into a good canine citizen. I hope this email finds you well this holiday season. Your kindness during our search for another member of our pack has not been forgotten. We are constantly receiving compliments about how our dogs are how labs should look. I have recommended Belquest to several friends who are looking for a top rate breeder. Happy Holidays!"

- Curt & Kelly

"Thanks again………..for everything…particularly breeding great dogs………… family is so much better off for going to Belquest and so are many other families who got our (and your) pups………"

- Dick

"My husband and I were the proud parents of Obi – the son of Can Do and Secret Garden – born 1/24/1998. He was a wonderful dog and we sing the praises of Belquest for bringing him to us. We had a wonderful 14 years with Obi and he was such a wonderful dog – our whole neighbor mourned his passing. He will be remembered for a long time. We are not sure when we will be ready for another, but was just looking to see the new litters.

Take care,"


"Wanted to send a thank you for getting Nike collected for me on such short notice last week. And it was a holiday week as well. The sample arrived in good order and everything smoothly."


We purchased a male lab puppy (Dew/Sami litter) from you in March. We named the puppy “Ruckus” and he is doing wonderful. Ruckus is doing a great job with his manners and house breaking. He is such a happy dog and has been so good with our older dog who is 11. We are thankful every day for being able to include Ruckus in our family. He has some pretty big shoes to fill that were left from our dog Sampson who passed away in 2012. Ruckus has done so with aplomb. Thanks again so much for raising such great dogs and for sharing them with families like ours.