AM CH ENG SH CH Farnfield Topo Gigio JW SHCM
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England’s Top Labrador 2014

BBee (Pure for Yellow)
Hips OFA Good
Elbows OFA Normal
Heart OFA Normal ECHO
HNPK Clear
PRA Clear
ACVO clearance 10/01/2016
Full Dentition


ITCH, CIB, CIE, FCH, HRCH, SwissCH, 2xRCICH Charm Bluveil Mr. Darcy WC,FFTCH
AM. CH Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley
ENG SH CH Sandylands Gad-About
Kimvalley Follow on to Langshott
AM. CH Charms Dancing to the Music
Bluveil Balanchine
AM. CH Hitmans Charm N Ginger Bear
ENG SH CH Kimvalley Star Attraction of Farnfield JW SH CM
Jayncourt Star Turn at Sandylands
ENG SH CH Sandylands Wait and See
Jayncourt Star Kissies
Langshott Black Velvet at Kimvalley
ENG SH CH Rockabee Blue Peter at Sandylands
Langshott Zara