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Show Record

  • 10/11/2014
    SEL/BOBOH Catonsville KC Judge Mariano Gatica Gomez
  • 03/09/2014
    Select Shenandoah Valley KC Judge Karen Wilson
  • 03/08/2014
    Select Shenandoah Valley KC Judge Michael Faulker
  • 12/14/2013
    BOBBBE AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Judge Linda More
  • 11/24/2013
    Select Upper Marlboro KC Judge Thomas Nesbitt
  • 11/23/2013
    BOS Chesapeake KC Of MD Judge Claire Senfield (Allegheny)
  • 10/20/2013
    Sel Upper Potomac Valley KC Judge Kelly Photopoulos
  • 10/19/2013
    Sel Upper Potomac Valley KC Judge Paul Campanella
  • 10/18/2013
    BOB Laurel Highlands KA Judge Charles Orvis
  • 09/29/2013
    Select Old Dominion KC Judge Michael Wiest (Beechcroft)
  • 09/27/2013
    Select Warrenton KC Judge Gail Shearer (Bonaventure)
  • 09/02/2013
    BOB Mid-Kentucky KC Judge Dr Ronald Spritzer
  • 09/01/2013
    BOB Northern Kentucky KC Judge Nancy Liebes
  • 08/31/2013
    SEL Lexington KC Judge Kathleen Patterson
  • 08/25/2013
    SEL Conyers KC of Georgia Judge Nancy Simmons
  • 08/24/2013
    BOS Lawrenceville KC Judge Harold Pybus
  • 08/23/2013
    SEL Sawnee Mountain Judge Paul Burton Averill DVM
  • 08/22/2013
    BOS Griffin Georgia Judge Judy Harrington
  • 07/07/2013
    Select National Capiral KC Judge Linda Clark
  • 07/05/2013
    Select Northeastern KC Judge Beth Sweigart
  • 07/06/2013
    BOB Upper Marlboro KC Judge Bonnie P. Threlfall
  • 07/01/2013
    BOB Rock Creek KC Judge Nat Horn
  • 06/30/2013
    BOB Rock Creek KC Judge Norman L. Patton
  • 06/29/2013
    BOS Southern Maryland KC Judge Clare Senfield (Allegheny)
  • 06/28/2013
    BOB/BOW/WB Southern Maryland KC Judge James Moses 3 pts
  • 05/31/2013
    1st Open Greater Pittsburgh LRC Judge Jim Bowron (Fortune)
  • 05/19/2013
    1st Am-Bred Raleigh-Durham LRC Judge Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)
  • 05/11/2013
    1st Open Yellow Miami Valley LRC Judge Guillermo Carrillo (Tequilabs)
  • 04/09/2013
    1st Am-Bred Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac Judge Per Iversen
  • 03/03/2013
    1st Am-Bred Maryland Sporting Dog Association Judge Diane Jones (Jollymuff)
  • 02/10/2013
    1st Am-Bred LRC of Piedmont Judge Barbara Gilchrist (Blackthorn)
  • 02/09/2013
    RWB 1st Am-Bred LRC of Piedmont Judge Jeff Gilmore (Borowick)
  • 01/17/2013
    WB Annapolis KC Judge Pat A. Mowbray-Morgan 2 pts
  • 01/11/2013
    WB Greater Fredericksburg KC Judge Jay Richardson 2 pts
  • 12/13/2012
    WB/BOW Brevard KC Judge Roger R. Hartinger 2 pts
  • 12/07/2012
    WB Greater Hickory KC Judge Charlie Olvis 3 pts
  • 11/09/2012
    RWB 1st Open Raleigh-Durham LRC Judge Judy Chambers (Ghoststone)
  • 10/19/2012
    1st Open yellow Mid Jersey Labrador Retriever Club Judge Jackie Hodge (Naiken Labradors)
  • 10/12/2012
    WB/BOW/BOS Palisades KC Judge Gloria Geringer 2 pts
  • 04/10/2012
    1st Am-Bred Labrador Retriever Club of The Potomac Judge Mrs. Marilyn Elizabeth Prior (Priorise)
  • 01/19/2012
    WB/BOW Annapolis KC Judge Ms. Linda Robey 1 pt.